Posted by: rojukene | veebruar 2, 2010

Somebody called me Sebastian…

On mitu põhjust, miks mulle see lugu meeldib. Oma uuele kullakesele panin ju ka Sebastian nimeks… Ja “Velvet Goldmine” on jätkuvalt teemaks, eile harisin taas kord teisigi selle filmi osas. Mis siis, et ma alles paar nädalat tagasi seda vaatasin, ikka oli sama hea. IMDB linki ma ei viitsi panna, see on siin juba nii mitu korda figureerinud… Igatahes – Absolute on mingi suht suvaline Saksa (?) bänd, aga nad on Steve Harley vastava vokaalinstrumentaalpala päris hästi ära kaverdanud.

Radiate simply, the candle is burning, so low for me
Generate me limply, can’t seem to place your name, cherie
To rearrange all these thoughts in a moment is suicide
Come to a strange place, we’ll talk over old times we never smile

Somebody called me Sebastian
Somebody called me Sebastian
Work out a rhyme, toss me the time, lay me, you’re mine
And we all know, oh yeah!

Your Persian eyes sparkle; your lips, ruby blue, never speak a sound
And you, oh so gay, with Parisian demands, you can run-around
And your view of society screws up my mind like you’ll never know
Lead me away, come inside, see my mind in kaleidoscope

Somebody called me Sebastian
Somebody called me Sebastian
Mangle my mind, love me sublime, do it in style,
So we all know, oh yeah!

You’re not gonna run, babe, we only just begun, babe, to compromise
Slagged in a Bowery saloon, love’s a story we’ll serialize
Pale angel face; green eye-shadow, the glitter is out of sight
No courtesan could begin to decipher your beam of light

Somebody called me Sebastian
Somebody called me Sebastian
Dance on my heart, laugh, swoop and dart, la-di-di-da,
Now we all know you, yeah!


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