Posted by: rojukene | aprill 26, 2009

Ei noh, kesse muu siis :D

Your result for The Rocky Horror Character Test…

Dr. Frank N. Furter

You scored 65 ego, and 7 morals!

You are Dr. Frank N. Furter.
If you are a female, you are a TOTAL DIVA. If you are a male, you are METROSEXUAL.

You are very confident, very secure, and you expect worship from everyone. You enjoy having all eyes on you and feeling sexy and loved. You pride yourself on getting what you want. No matter what. You sometimes find yourself unable to care about people who are weak. You like sex A LOT. You like to dominate people. A lot.

You’ve probably broken and lot of hearts and shown your lovers some very wild bedroom moves. Then thrown them out on their asses.

You were voted “Most Likely To Die of A Venereal Disease”

Take The Rocky Horror Character Test
at HelloQuizzy

* * *

Rocky-pidu on jätkuvalt orgunnimata, kellelgi ei ole ju aega… deem. Hullult tahaks. Aga ma ise ei ole ka hetkel suuteline seda enda peale võtma.

* * *

Ma kohe hakkan oma sotspsühhi esseed kirjutama, ausalt…



  1. Uujee. Ja ma täägisin sind.

  2. You are Eddie. You ooze sex appeal. You make your lover feel like the hottest thing on Earth. Well..maybe Second Hottest. Next to you. You like the feeling of being adored, and to those who succumb to your charms, you’re very sweet. But sometimes people mistake your casual flirtations for genuine interest, and then your’re in trouble. Some people probably hate you for leading them on, but you have a lot of groupies to take their place. You are Meatloaf.

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