Posted by: rojukene | oktoober 3, 2008

Lihtsalt tahtsin jagada

Pikemaks kui kopipeistiks mul järjekordselt momendil aega ei ole, aga senikauaks lükkaks siia üles ühe loo:

Conceal your deepest worries
Confine your thoughts inside
The walls you built of damaged pride
The light in your eyes failing
Like you’re adrift
Like night pretending to be day
These storms subside

Though the past, the unwanted memories, are holding onto you
All the power in the universe conspires to carry you
Truths you find through your adversities will defend you
As your powers and all your energies conspire to carry you

The adversary to your soul
The blackest thoughts
That try to poison you
These storms subside
Lay down your greatest burden
Relinquish that which has control of you
And let yourself through

Though it seems the past and the future look the same
Suffice to say you’re still here

Hullult hea lugu, soovitan kuulata. VNV Nation – ‘Carry You’.

* * *

People always tell others (and occasionally themselves, too) to let go of the past. But what if the past refuses to let go?


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