Posted by: rojukene | juuni 18, 2006

Not the best day I’ve had, again

So, Metskaplan got back home from Latvia yesterday evening, having spent a week there. Lots of sheer idiotism happened and not all of it ended well. One dude managed to burn himself really bad, for example. Anyway, Metskaplan was all right and I was really happy that he’s at home again.

This morning he received a phone call and was told to get back to work ASAP. At first we thought a war had broken loose but then I checked the news and found out that there’s a huge forest fire that needs to be put out. The cause of this fire is rather idiotic – two guys (local, I presume) were completely wasted and decided to rally about the forest trails with their car. Maybe they were bored or something. Then their car got stuck in the sand and instead of pushing it out using their own strength, these fucking MORONS just stepped on the gas as heavily as they could. Naturally it didn’t get them out of the sand but in the end the car simply burst into flames.

This is the car –

And Metskaplan won’t be coming home today due to that.


I also had the pleasure of setting up a chair on the balcony, so that my mother-in-law could smoke in complete comfort. I thought it was made of plastic or perhaps wood… but HELL NO, it was cast iron. It weighed “only” 25 kg -_-*
Wasn’t really much fun to set it up all by myself. Of course I had to do all other house-slavery, too. I really want to move away from here, you know.. but not without Metskaplan.

We still need to buy a new chair to our room.


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