Posted by: rojukene | juuni 14, 2006


Q: How to make Rojukene eat some horrible soup?
A: Offer absolutely awful cus-cus instead.

Naturally I choose the better of two evils. Really, HOW difficult can it be to cook at a normal level? I mean, fuck the frozen vegetables! We still have fresh stuff at shops, don’t we? The frozen crap tastes like someone had farted on them before packing it all up. Seriously!

I don’t mind cooking at all but it is so time-consuming to cut everything up on my own, as Metskaplan is my only helper in the matter and he’s mostly not at home. In case we lived somewhere else on our own, of course I’d cook. It’s a lot easier to chop vegetables and meat for two people than four. Or five or six, depends on whether Maria and Karl eat here too or not. Not to mention the fact that Metskaplan and I do the shopping for everyone, even though his father is paid at least three times the sum he gets. When his father goes shopping, he returns in two hours and all he buys to feed his family is a roll of toilet paper and some apples. Argh.

And yes, my chair died. I totally forgot about its shabby state in the morning and stretched myself. Not a good idea, I tell you. I was probably too surprised to fall down, so I’m fine. But the chair isn’t ;_;

Of course you all care about the sad fate of my chair. I know I do! Fuck, whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy did it have to happen? T_T


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