Posted by: rojukene | juuni 9, 2006


I’m probably suffering from PMS or something like that but I WANT TO CHEW ON MY OWN NECK UNTIL I DIE DUE TO THE BLOOD LOSS!

I’ve been such a nasty little bitch today and Metskaplan had a tough day also, so all in all = not nice, not nice at all. I wonder why, I was perfectly happy in the morning, even humming some unknown tunes under my breath and giggling at my reflection in the mirror. Karma? Fuck knows.

He’ll leave for work tomorrow evening, they’ll go to Latvia for a week. Once again I have so much spare time I can’t find a useful way to spend. And I must get him a birthday present which is a damn hard task because he’s already got everything, which means I should make something for him using my own little white hands. (Political Correctness everywhere has probably knocked me in the back of my head with a blunt heavy object – for a moment I thought if it would be a racist statement anywhere but it’s probably because this morning I was trying to bring a white girl to her senses who claimed that the only normal men to date are Jews… I mean, that’s a bit radical, isn’t it?) I’ll probably crochet a penguin for him or something.

And if there’s anyone out there who’d be able to help me get a pair of shoes for the summer, I’d be eternally grateful. Otherwise I’ll probably have to knit them as the shops don’t have anything with heels that a person could walk on in our streets. Oh bloody well. I’ll go and have another cigarette now.


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