Posted by: rojukene | mai 18, 2006

I guess I should quit sleeping altogether

I don’t want every time I wake up to be so awful. I also don’t think it is very nice to hug myself under the blanket and not being able to stop shuddering because of sheer horror.

Lately my dreams have taken on the nasty habit of continuing when I wake up in the meantime, and this really sucks, let me tell you. I don’t see nice dreams, the kind of one would invite to their birthday party, oh no. Dreaming about a nuclear war would be a change to the nicer side… It’s as if somebody fucks with my brains while I’m sleeping and I know very well who it is.

*points at self*

Oh joy, I’m beginning to feel that my very own personal Tyler is about to pop out very soon.

You are not your Ikea furniture.


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