Posted by: rojukene | aprill 25, 2006

A nice little conversation I had yesterday

Thorned Venom is a young Vietnamese guy who was born in Hong Kong and now lives in Paris 🙂

[21:59:37] me: I think I’m turning into a mummy or something
[22:01:11] Thorned Venom: O.O
[22:01:19] Thorned Venom: you like cooking: already a bad sign
[22:01:31] Thorned Venom: you do nothing but stay at home: another bad sign
[22:02:20] me: wtf
[22:02:30] me: not a mommy
[22:02:45] me: like, bandages and stuff
[22:02:47] Thorned Venom: OH xD
[22:02:54] me: I’ve never heard of mummies who like to cook
[22:02:55] Thorned Venom: wrong mummy xD
[22:03:07] Thorned Venom: >.>
[22:03:33] me: indeed
[22:04:37] me: I almost sprained my ankle yesterday, but not quite. it still hurt, so I wrapped an elastic bandage around it. today my wrist pains got worse and my left wristbone isn’t visible because of the sudden and unexpected swelling, so my wrist is in bandages, too
[22:05:01] Thorned Venom: … could be an emo thing >.>
[22:05:23] me: oh it’s emo all right.. it is much more emo than I’d like it to be
[22:05:50] me: I wish it was only about as emo as those annoying kids
[22:06:14] me: but unfortunately the pain is disturbingly real >.>
[22:06:25] Thorned Venom: you’re supposed to feel relief xD

But yeah, I’m all wrapped in elastic bandages and using Capsicam, which is so uncool, literally. It gets pretty hot on the skin and I have had the unfortunate fortune of applying it to my eyelids while sleeping, so waking up was NOT a pleasant experience. But then again – I know guys who have accidentally scratched their balls right after using Capsicam… Must have hurt really bad O_o

I’m also going to drive today, I have no idea what’ll come of it, as I’m not functioning properly.. But I guess I’ll know that soon enough.


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