Posted by: rojukene | aprill 21, 2006


I got a new cell phone today ^^
It’s a Sony Ericsson J300i
I can now save 760 numbers (what a relief!) and 200 SMS-s.. I didn’t buy the data cable but it costs like half of the phone’s price and in case I want to have some mp3-s in my phone, I can always upload and download them. I don’t call anyone much (practically no social life), so I can freely spend money on WAP-services.

And my driving instructor was cleaning up the glove department today and he found this neat lighter holder (or whatever it is called), made of some sort of metal. He saw my reaction (‘Ooh.. pretty!’) and gave it to me, just like that o.O

I think it looks great and can be used as a weapon, too, if necessary – it’s pretty heavy and sharp.


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