Posted by: rojukene | aprill 3, 2006

Yeah… I have weird dreams

This night was the first time when I dreamt about Kyo. Dir en grey was supposed to have a really small special concert and they met the people before that in person, not their PR people or whoever else. It was in some garden and it was winter time, at least there was snow on the ground. When Kyo left the crowd quietly (don’t ask me how it was possible that only I saw him go), I followed him barefoot through the snow. He was about to enter the small house meant for the band only and I caught him at the door to ask for his autograph. He noticed that I was not wearing anything on my feet (I again have no idea about that part) and asked me to come in and not to be like this out in the cold. That was very nice of him, I guess. And I was like O_0 We went in, had a cup of tea and talked about life, the universe and everything, so to say. Anyway, during the concert I was accompanied by Villu Tamme, the local most famous punk spirit here for the last 20 years or so. In my dream he seemed to be in his early twenties, so he was really good-looking.

But recently I had a long and confusing dream which I have mostly forgotten by now but I remember this one part with pink elephants. I was on a cruise or something and they were in a long row on the deck, performing 69 on each other, looking something like WMWMWMWMWMWMWMWMWMWMWMWM. Hopefully you get the point. Then the wind grew stronger and one elephant was suddenly in the air and was blown to Idaho. The rest of the pink elephants made it to their destination (Stockholm) without any further ‘adventures’, though… I’m thanking myself for not remembering the rest.


Aga Malev on jah muhe film. Eriti saarlased.

– Öhötömö öhö söörö söölö! Jö sönnö sössö pönömö pöljö vööksööd söölö! Jö söös löhömö mötsö söönö körjömö!
– ..?
– Aga kuidas see kõik sakslastega seotud on?
– Möh?
– Ögö köödös söö köök sökslöstögö söötöd ön?
– Ögö vöst… ölögö…


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