Posted by: rojukene | märts 19, 2006


Just that you know to be careful – before trying on clothes at shops CHECK them thoroughly. For instance, today I managed to acquire a long red spiral on my arm starting at the elbow and ending at my shoulder. Very unpleasant indeed. The reason was very simple – someone had put a fucking PIN under the sleeve, exactly where the armpit would be. Fuck. And I was pulling it on in a bit of a hurry, so.. yeah.

I handed the guilty pin over to the shop assistant and complained about it but she just gave me that ‘stop bitching!’ look and told me she was sorry (nope, she wasn’t a good liar at all) and that if I worked there I’d know that they have too much merchandise to check all items one by one. Blah. Fucking hag, I hope she’ll have a similar experience soon.

Anyway, my hair is black again. Photo evidence will be provided some time in the future. I also bought another hole expander today, 4 mm thick this time. It’s also a skull like my first one but it’s without the glass eyes. I managed to sleep off one eye from the older expander this night, by the way. At first I glued it back on but then thought better of it and took them both off. Looks better without, actually ^^


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