Posted by: rojukene | veebruar 27, 2006

I managed to make it alive through the weekend, hooray

On Friday I met up with some friends (Liisa, I missed you!) at Zavood and it was pretty fun. For me at least, I hope they didn’t think otherwise ^^; Everyone gave me books as presents and that was really great! We came to the conclusion that it would have been nice if someone presented me a bookshelf, as I seriously need one right now xD Mattias and Päike really surprised me though. They slipped to the counter and returned with a bottle of sparkling wine.. I was speechless for a moment (and that is a rare case, mind you) and then I announced that they were all perverts and lovely as hell 😀

But NEVER EVER should I have sparkling wine and garlick breads together again. I’ll feel sick as a dog later.

Saturday took more courage but it just so happened that half of the guests didn’t come and it was a lot quieter at the table. I even managed to spend the evening without mutual yelling concerning my father, yay! Anyhow, before midnight I really felt I had to get out, so Metskaplan and I took a nice walk. The weather was really nice, the snow was sparkling in the lantern lights, it was very quiet and there was almost no wind.

On Sunday morning Karl took us home on his car, he had been skiing with some girl(s) again, so it was pretty convenient for us. And the sky looked awesome!

Tomorrow I’ll celebrate my birthday with Metskaplan’s family. He hasn’t got a present for me still, he’s been really worried about what to give me for a couple of weeks already but I don’t blame him – I can’t think of anything in a reasonable price range that I’d REALLY like to have and don’t own yet.

On Saturday evening I’ll probably sit at St. Patrick’s and have *another* birthday party for the people who live in/near Tallinn ^^

I have never had such a festival on my birthday period before x_X


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