Posted by: rojukene | veebruar 7, 2006


OK, I feel better now. I made a sponge cake with raisins and apples, I haven’t tasted it yet but I will in like 10 minutes or so. It can’t be bad though 😛

I messed around with my eyelet pliers a bit and as a result I improved my collar a bit.


Please ignore the flash in my eyes ^^;

Yesterday we went to look for some shop that sells military goods but we didn’t find it. I had the camera with me and of course I took some pictures with it.

Snow is nice. But -15 by Celsius isn’t.

Metskaplan was just turning around and he didn’t know I was taking a picture of him. I like his expression for some reason.

Pretty… uh.. hostile, I’d say…

The sky was so blue it seriously hurt my eyes. And that photo wasn’t meant to be advertising sanitary engineering, by the way XD

This is still inside the city line. I would have liked to go down there but we didn’t. As it later occurred, we should have, as the shop we were looking for was in that direction…


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