Posted by: rojukene | veebruar 7, 2006

Long rant ahead, ahoy!

I just washed a crapload of dishes. They were almost hanging over the edge of the sink because I didn’t have the time to do it yesterday (and the day before yesterday was pretty busy too). My potential mother-in-law doesn’t do it at all lately. She says she can’t do it in the evening because then she’s too tired to fall asleep (THE MOST RIDICULOUS THING I HAVE EVER HEARD!) and right now she can’t do it at all because there is a hole in her rubber gloves and our water is sooo bad that it’ll ruin the skin on her hands.

I have never used gloves for dishwashing except for once when I wanted to know if this way it would be more convenient. The answer – nope, it only increases the risk of dropping the plates.

I wonder what it is that makes her so tired? Watching the TV all day? Dusting the rooms (and no vacuuming – she can’t do that because it would break her back or something) and talking nonsense to the dog in this doting way that makes me want to throw up each time I hear it? Going shopping about twice a week to the shop that’s less than 10 minutes’ walk from the house and it takes her over an hour because she bumps into her friends on the way and has to chat? Most of the food is brought home by Metskaplan and me, by the way.

All right, one can say she does the cooking. That means she puts the French fries and frozen meatballs on the frying pan, goes to watch TV and forgets everything about them. Or she makes the soup (of course she uses those frozen packs from the shop) and puts in so much garlic that I can’t eat it. And then she takes offense because I don’t want to eat her soup.

Gawd. I’d cook myself but I can do it on three conditions:
1) I must have enough time for that
2) I mustn’t be disturbed

Which means that I can only cook when she is not at home and trust me, that’s a pretty rear case. It’s a pity actually because I love cooking and the result is always good.

The moral of the story?
The more you do, the more is expected of you.

When I first came here she gave me odd looks when I washed the dishes. Now it is the other way round. She keeps telling me how her mother-in-law oppressed her when she was young and made her do all the housework and watched TV while her daughter-in-law drudged like a horse. And she can’t see that she is trying to do the EXACT same thing to me. And I’m not making this up, it was Metskaplan who pointed it out for me u_u

All right. I don’t actually mind doing the housework in general, unless I’m made to to it. What really pisses me off is that I don’t get any recognition for it at all. When she discusses future plans with Metskaplan, I’m not mentioned at all. It’s all about how she and he will do things. SHE DOESN’T DO A GODDAMN THING ANY MORE! Everything useful that has happened to this flat in the past year is mostly *my* doing, not hers! And whatever we (Metskaplan and me) do, it is not to her liking.

A good example is the washing machine. One would expect that she’d be happy that she doesn’t have to wash clothes by hand any more (with her “nonexistent” health and all) and that there is no need to urge on Karl that he’d take the bedsheets to the washhouse… Haha! No! The first thing we heard when we got the machine in was: “Oh, you bought a washing machine? Well, I’m not going to iron it all!”

I have no words to describe this, really.

I think I’ll go and have a shower and perhaps I’ll feel better then.


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