Posted by: rojukene | jaanuar 28, 2006

Fruitful day indeed

I have a new chair and a clothes rack now, yay. I wanted to put them together myself but Karl was so interested in helping me that I didn’t have the heart to decline his offerings of help, although I didn’t need it at all. Getting that rack wasn’t easy, as the one we saw at the shop yesterday had been the last (exactly as I had predicted but Metskaplan was in a hurry and didn’t have enough time to buy it then) and as I didn’t see it anywhere I asked a saleswoman about it. I described the item to her and she gave me a cardboard box with no picture on it, which I bought. I bought the chair at the same shop but in order to receive it, I had to go to the other end of that shop where they have the stock. When I got there, I saw that saleswoman again and she seemed pretty nervous as it occurred that I had bought the wrong rack because of her and they had run out of the one I had intended to buy. We went back to the sales room and she showed me the what I had bought. It was completely different and had to be screwed on the wall x_X She told me I could think it over until tomorrow and bring it back unless I didn’t want it. I was already accepting the idea of that other rack when Karl remembered there was another Jysk shop at Ülemiste Keskus, so we drove there and they actually had the thing I wanted. So I bought it from there and back we drove to Kristiine Keskus in order to give the ‘false’ rack back and as it was their fault not mine, I got my money back (usually they don’t do refunds, they only change the items). Ah, well.. The most important thing is that I have something to hang my clothes on now. By the way, I also bought ten coathangers named Hang On. I would have bought a lot more, had they been called Hang Over or Well Hung XD

The next step would be putting up the shelves I bought months ago… That’s going to be tricky, as the walls are not as straight as they should be 0_o

I think I’ll have a sandwich now (it is midnight, I forgot my lunch and dinner again) and then I’ll close the door and have a little private party of my own with a bottle of red wine, a piece of cheese and potato chips. Metskaplan doesn’t drink wine anyway, so I might as well consume it all by myself. Alone.

I wonder if I’ll be in a better mood tomorrow? I sure hope so.


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