Posted by: rojukene | jaanuar 28, 2006


I’m so bored. Gawd. I have spent the day on the net, waiting for Karl to come shopping with me (I need to buy a big rack for clothes and a chair perhaps, so I need him and his car) and he did come. Two hours earlier than I expected him to, considering our MSN chat during the daytime. And of course he came just when I had put on my hair dye that had been waiting its time for a month already. By the way, I somehow managed to break the colour tube with my fingernail and trip over a full water bucket shortly after that, so the bathroom looked as if it had been run over by a train at least twice, if not more.

Today is clearly NOT my day.

I’m desperate to find someone who’d come and take a couple of drinks with me tonight but most of the possible variants are either away somewhere or not answering or simply offline. Whatever happened to my wide circle of friends and acquaintances? Where did they all go? And why the fuck do I care about the fact that these people have forgotten my existence already? I don’t know. I’m not a very sociable person lately but sometimes I *DO* want to have a good time in some nice company. Only that I hardly ever can nowadays, it was so much easier in Tartu. I miss my hometown, I really do… and by the look of things I will not return there in the autumn. Oh well, I should learn one day that there is no point in making any plans for the future as each time I have had to make a choice so far – my plans or my relationship. Right now I want to keep the latter one but we shall see what comes of it.

It would be nice if my potential mother-in-law finished her shower already because I should rinse my hair NOW if I still want to keep them on my head without having to use super glue. Shit, she knew perfectly well that I need to use the bathroom in 30 minutes after putting the dye on, why the hell she didn’t go and have her shower right after I came out? Aaargh. She drives me mad. But if I started ranting on this subject, the entry would probably go on for miles.


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