Posted by: rojukene | jaanuar 18, 2006

I’m not dead yet!

So busy, so busy lately…

I’ve been sewing trousers for myself since Saturday, as we bought a sewing machine last week. And it’s driving me stark raving mad because the string fucks with me all the goddamn time. And it’s too late to use any other. Oh well. I’ll manage somehow. Although it takes a lot of nerves and time… but these trousers were basically meant for practicing only anyway, as I haven’t really sewn for a couple of years and I definitely need to improve my skills on something.

Today we went to the cinema to see ‘The March Of The Penguins‘ or however that title might be in English. It was a really sad and touching documentary (and I had had some traumatic conversations and thoughts in the morning too, so the effect was at least doubled)… Amazing, really. I mean – when you see a person die in a movie, it’s no big deal.. but when you see that huge egg crack and freeze really fast and look at the despair of the parents or when the chicks can’t handle the cold wind… I can’t even describe it. Perhaps I’m way too emotional but it really was a sad story. So many penguins die each winter ;____;

Tomorrow we’ll probably start going mad on new and exciting reasons because we’re going to change the wallpaper in our room. And don’t ask me where the bloody fuck we’ll put all our things during the process because I honestly haven’t got the faintest idea. At least my brother will take the rocking-chair to his wife, so we’ll have a bit more room.


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