Posted by: rojukene | jaanuar 5, 2006


I just got back from my my first *real* horse riding lesson!


I even actually managed to stay ON the horse XD Although I got a tricky one, as it was pretty nervous by nature and afraid of hurdles (I think the same word applies to these things when jumping over them on horses, too, I don’t know the specific terms) and most of the people there were training for some contest that is held tomorrow, so the manege was pretty full of different obstacles and barriers. And a couple of young girls were sitting on one hurdle, chatting quietly and suddenly one of them dropped something in front of my horse’s nose although the trainer had strictly forbidden everyone to do anything that might frighten the horse. Even those who have won contests have fallen from that one, so nice choice for a total beginner indeed o_0

Somehow I was lucky and I stayed absolutely calm when the horse got scared, so I could control it pretty well and make it stop. Even the trainer was impressed XD Beginner’s luck? Probably. But somehow I got along with that nervous horse, we kind of melted into one. I looked at its head and neck most of the time, yet I knew exactly when to stop or turn when someone else dashed past or someone stepped in front of us although I actually didn’t see them coming. I really liked that feeling.

What I certainly will NOT like is the pain and stiffness in my thighs for the next few days, I guess XP

EDIT: Today I finally found a pussy calendar for 2006! 🙂

No, not naked girls but amazingly and *way* too cuuuuuuUUUUUUUUUuuUUuuUUUUuuuuute kittens 🙂

I still need a cat. And I still can’t get one because of the dog. And that is sad… but some day we will move away from this flat and perhaps then… I hope.


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