Posted by: rojukene | detsember 18, 2005

Alcohol is NOT so bad, mm’caay? xD

I just got home and I’m feeling pretty damn fine 🙂 When I wake up tomorrow, I’ll probably say some different things but for now I’m in a good mood.

It was nothing special, I just went to a bar with some people from, had some beers, took a lot of pictures (for some reason I was considered the best photographer of all the people present, don’t ask me why – I honestly have no idea) and had a LOT of idiotic talk 8D

All in all – the evening was pleasant. And I feel I should go to sleep NOW. But I’ll wait until the photos are uploaded…

Yeah. I know I should drink less but hey, I still have two years to live according to the OkCupid Death Test. So I might as well spend them in a pleasant way. Although in spite of all the illnesses people in our family tend to have a long life.


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