Posted by: rojukene | detsember 15, 2005


Today was a busy day again. I was unusually active o.0

1) Made some phone calls and as a result I’ll take the laptop directly to the guarantee service myself on Monday. Then I can probably have the specialist remove the ROM and get my pressscioussSSss back immediately (I at least hope so, they have only ONE person there who does the work and I’m not joking). Without the ROM but not for long, hopefully. I just don’t want to part with the computer even for a short period of time for several reasons, one of them being the possibility of someone sniffing around my HD. People are curious by nature and I don’t want any strangers to see what’s being kept in my folders.
2) Returned Metskaplan’s books. They didn’t even ask any overdue charge 8D
3) Finally visited the bank. My debit card is accepted by ATM-s but I can’t use for paying. So they’ll just make me a new one and there will be no bank charge.
4) Spent 199.- EEK on a notebook. No, I’m not mad – it’s a really fine one:
* is covered in black cloth, has a plastic buckle on a rubber band to keep it closed nice and proper
* the calendar of 2006
* two thin phone number notebooks
* some extra paper sheets
* a 12 cm ruler
* a 0.5 mm automatic pencil, very nice looking
* a carabiner attached – I can put a chain on it and keep it safely on my belt like I do with my wallet and keys
* a pocket with a zip where I can put cash, for instance
* has 5 card pockets
* fits nicely in the back pocket of my jeans
And everything is held together by a thick “spine” that can be opened and closed. It was totally worth the money, I think 🙂 This way I can basically take everything I need with me in my pockets when I go out or meet someone and when I get bored (of waiting, for example), I can simply take it out and start drawing or whatever xD


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