Posted by: rojukene | detsember 12, 2005


Audiscrobbler ( is my account there) had some serious problems lately and a number of people lost some data, me included. It wasn’t important for me but as the maintainers are nice and all, every free account that was touched by the incident was upgraded to a paid account until the end of 2005 😀 I know it’s only for a couple of weeks but it is really sweet anyway.

And crocheting r00lz. Two of my blouses live again 🙂

I replaced the (once upon a time) black lace which was really worn out because I loved this shirt very much. Unfortunately this kind of loving finally shows u_u

And… er.. you see, instead of that flower there was a hole from the time I managed to drop a burning cigarette right onto my bosom in the middle of a street, my leather jacket’s zip was half open. Yes, smoking really IS dangerous. Perhaps I’ll add something to it, that blossom looks too lonely there.


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