Posted by: rojukene | detsember 11, 2005


First of all I’d apologize for the extremely obscure sentences in this entry but that certain part of my brain that holds control over logic and grammar and that sorts of things has obviously taken a day off, so bear with me. Alcohol is bad, mm’cay?

I am slowly recovering from a Hangover with a capital H. After my interrogations on Friday it came out that Maxi was kind of going to celebrate her B-day yesterday. And she did. And so did I.

Before going to her place I met up with a long-time net acquaintance who I hadn’t seen IRL yet, we went to Woodstock and as they didn’t have cocoa there, we just had beer. And talked about Anne Rice. He had only read ‘Interview With The Vampire’ but he was very curious about all the characters and their stories, so I tried to give him some summary about their biographies but it’s a damn hard task if you try to fit it into 30 minutes.

Anyhow, I went to Maxi’s place and for a long time I was her only guest. Sääsk was also supposed to come and finally she did, at about midnight if I’m not mistaken.

I can’t understand – when I REALLY feel that I need some company, everyone is either too far, too busy or too poor and there are no events that evening that I’d like to participate in alone. But yesterday was very peculiar – Metskaplan’s father went to his company’s Christmas party (at least I think it was a Christmas party) and asked me to come with him, said that there would be plenty of food and drinks and entertainment. I felt pretty awkward about that invitation and said I already had plans for the evening. Later when I walked to Woodstock with Lemo, I noticed a poster which said that Ultramelanhool was having a gig that night. I also heard that Sõpruse Puiestee had one, too, somewhere else. When I was already at Maxi’s place and busy drinking beer and sparkling wine (hence the HORRIBLE hangover ._.), I got two calls basically in the middle of the night. The first was from my very first BF-s half-sister whom I haven’t seen for AGES o.0 She was hoping that I was in Tartu, so that she could drag me to a bar in Antsla. Go figure. I mean, that was awfully random. A bit later Myrk called me, he was obviously not sober any more and asked me if I knew whether there was a BTFV party that day or not. I honestly had no clue and I also didn’t have any chance of using the internet at that moment. Now I checked – it is today. At Von Krahl, Combichrist is performing there… Le sigh, I feel too weak to go and the tickets have probably been sold out, too. To sum it up – I had tons of options coming up yesterday when I had already fixed my plans. Blerrghh. Happens.

In general I spent the night drinking and smoking and I got home at about 7 AM. I even got on the first trolleybus, yay. What I didn’t like was the fact that I kept waking up all the time which resulted in not being able to sleep it all off. I finally got up at about 2 PM when Karl came down and let the doorbell happily and LOUDLY ring all through the flat. That hurt. And I had to get up and let him in… I kept repeating the words ‘I don’t want to live’ over and over again, at that moment I really would have preferred being all numb and stuff. Godawful experiences come from drinking, you know. So don’t do like I did. But I daresay I am slowly coming to life again which is good. I hope.


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