Posted by: rojukene | detsember 5, 2005

Ah, such beautiful weather outside….

It’s not very cold but it is snowing slowly and gracefully and the ground is white. I love it. And although I don’t like Christmas much, I still find all those colourful lights on trees very pretty (given that they are not hung there by someone with no taste whatsoever).

Anyhow, last night was fun ^^
Mann and I had a movie night. So first we went to the shop to make sure we would feel comfortable during the night, i.e. we bought lots of stuff. Beer, food, cider, snacks… the latest porn mag, trash bags, face cleansing lotion and writable CD-s, too xD We got a *little* carried away, though, which resulted in a huge load of stuff we couldn’t possibly eat away during the night but… oh well. People around us probably thought we were some sick pervs, considering the variety of goods in the shopping cart.

At least we were very thoroughly equipped for our little party. We started off with Sin City. The visual part was pretty well done but the storyline in itself was wayyyy too simple.

Our next movie was even better – I Bought A Vampire Motorcycle. It is supposed to be a horror movie but it’s a whole lot more like a comedy. The most common lines were ‘Bloody hell!’ and ‘Oh shit!’ but my personal favourite was the line by the priest when the motorcycle was about to be exorcised: ‘Let’s kick some bottom!’

Yes, we did laugh our bottoms off.

And we also watched Kung Fu Hustle which is pretty hilarious even if you see it for the fifth time.

In the meantime we had a few fags on the front balcony and were stared at by a couple of cats. One of them makes me squeal with overflowing emotions every time I see it – a big, black, beautiful feline with a very smart gaze… *sigh*

I am in NEED of a cat of my own again. It’s like taking drugs – you may be free of them for a while or a lifetime, even.. yet you feel some kind of longing. Not that I have ever been on drugs in such a way, mind you.

So, at about 7 AM she left for Tartu and I went to sleep 🙂


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