Posted by: rojukene | november 27, 2005

feeling like a Duracell bunny again!!!

I just got home from Club Angel. Tonight wasn’t as fun as Maarja’s birthday was, due to the choice of music and the fact that I spent most of the night by myself. Yet it was rather nice, all in all. The party had a theme and that was ‘Secret Me’, so quite a number of people wore costumes. We even had our own Spiderman and stuff. I was dressed in a rather fetishistic way – long black laced gown, knee-high leather boots, leather ‘handcuffs’ and my new collar. And my so-called chastity belt (basically chains with a couple of crosses and keys and a ‘lock’) xD The latter came in pretty handy as I could use it to haul up my gown which was down to my heels and everyone kept stepping on it, including myself. Walking up and down the stairs while wearing it does take some practice, I discovered.

I got two shots of vodka for free, Maarja had got in a lot earlier and she had kept them for me. And the Hoochi Mama free cocktail was vodka with some energy drink, just like I had suspected. I normally DON’T drink vodka for various reasons but as I had started with it tonight, I decided to keep on the track. The result? I feel more sober than I did this morning and I didn’t drink any alcoholic beverages the day before. Perhaps the energy drink could be blamed here but I’m not very certain about it.

Anyway, the place was crowded and everyone was having a good time. Some short shows took place on the ‘stage’, too. I especially liked the S/M strip tease, performed by two pretty-looking boys of course. And they went all the way.

And! My boots have now officially been KISSED and LICKED. Isn’t that simply marvellous? 8D

I should take off my make-up and go to bed but I don’t feel even a bit sleepy. That’s nothing new, of course, but I really wish I could put my head on the pillow and just snore away happily the next moment… Should you feel like making me a Christmas present, just force Mr. Sandman to visit me more often.


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