Posted by: rojukene | november 25, 2005


I like the fact that Club Angel and the Hoochi Mama shop are co-operating. I bought myself a nice collar today. Thanks to the password I got a 70% discount (which means I paid 90 EEK whereas the thing itself costs 300.-) xD And I’ll get a free drink. That makes two drinks on the house, as I plan to get there before midnight. Yay?

Yeah. But I have a huuuuuge zit on my face. Don’t look for it on the photo, I photoshopped it away completely to save your eyes… But now that I look at it… Oh noes! I think I’m developing another one T___T

How can I play the Queen Of All Evil in a plausible manner on Saturday if I can’t even achieve control over my very own pimples? And the peculiar part of it all is that I have almost never had them so huge and painful. Why, oh WHY??? *cries*

I mean, I can’t even cover it up with make-up because my skin is so pale and that zit is NOT u_u


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