Posted by: rojukene | november 18, 2005

Just another ordinary evening…

Today nothing very special happened. I met Liisa in St. Patrick’s and we chatted for a couple of hours. It was really nice to see her again. But as it was Friday, the pub was full of drunken low-life and the music was far too loud. Some kind of a Jägermeister campaigne was going on, so a guy was dressed up as a herbivore (I’m not sure what it exactly was – a moose, a reindeer or a deer, something like that) and two chicks looked absolutely idiotic (orange wigs and so on). If you bought some Jägermeister from them you got a balloon for free. You can only imagine the noise made by balloons popping everywhere u__u

Anyhow, it got interesting soon. A middle-aged guy had been hitting on one of the Jägermeister girls for a while and got angry for some obscure reason. So he attacked the security guy. Liisa made a rather correct remark – for once it really looked like an Irish pub xD The fight was pretty heated, as the drunken guy was a lot more experienced and stronger than the security guard, so half of the pub happily joined in.

Someone spilled beer on my bomber jacket but it wasn’t much so I basically didn’t pay any attention to it. When the police had finally arrived, two guys sat at our table (by that time Maarja had also joined us) and began to talk about it all in a very excited manner. You know, the rather unintelligent type of guys who think that the only way of having fun is sitting at bars and pubs and going to night clubs to hook up bimbos. This type is useful for only one purpose – when they come and sit next to you and see that you have no alcohol, they happily give/buy you some.

As a friend of theirs had also participated in the fight, they were also taken to the police station. End of story. Liisa and Maarja went to Club Angel and I came home. Hopefully I can get some decent sleep tonight, 3 beers should do the trick. Although I clearly feel that I haven’t had enough yet… Alcoholism, ahoy? I hope not.


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