Posted by: rojukene | november 11, 2005

Holy fucking mother of a god

The world is full of perverts.

Just now when I was coming home from a walk, I met one. Picture an old man, over seventy, following a girl across the street behind her unnoticed, then slapping her on the butt and running like hell, showing a thumb-up behind his back!

It was only fucking lucky for him that I was wearing high heels and couldn’t run after him on them but perhaps that was precisely what he was counting on. I wish I had put my boots on and then he would have known how my kick in the balls and then in the face exactly tastes. I am thoroughly repulsed.

But then again, concerning the idiotic laws of our republic, if I had run after him and beat him nice and proper for this, the police would probably have blamed me for injuring an old man and fined me. Because I should not beat people who humiliate me, I should write an application indicating the act of sexual harrassment. To hell with applications, I have no idea who this shithole was and it was dark, too.

I seriously hope there will be a next time when I’m NOT wearing high heels. And then he will know what happens to dirty old men, I swear.


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