Posted by: rojukene | november 2, 2005


When I made pancakes at V2ike6udik’s place, I saw a thick book – ‘More Adult Only Jokes’ and I borrowed it. I have read half of it and I am kind of disappointed. I know 95% of the jokes there and they are not even very common ones o.0

But I guess that’s what you get when you read various humour sites thoroughly, from the beginning to the end.

On another note, Maria will leave for a week and she left the dog here. I am not pleased, to say the least. The dog used to lay in the same room where I sleep and I can easily predict that when it wants out early in the morning it will push the door open and come to me and simply demand me to get up and take it out. Considering the time I go to sleep lately (4 AM is a nice time), I would probably be in a very bad mood when that happens. Or sometimes he has a creepy habit of coming to the room and sitting on the carpet and staring at me. Paranoid as I am, I feel it through my sleep, wake up and almost get a heart attack because the first sight after opening my eyes would be someone’s hairy face with huge eyes. Or he would come and lick my feet. I don’t like this kind of things either. Not to mention that every time an ambulance goes by with the alarm howling, the dog feels the need to answer it until the ambulance either shuts up or gets far enough. And the dog will definitely miss its mistress and howl during the night.. or bark at something outside… Yes. Pleasant. Isn’t it.

Of course I’m selfish. But my sleep is sacred, considering the lack of it during past months.

I should go and have my coffee now. I haven’t eaten anything in the last 24 or more hours and I don’t even want to. But as I should definitely go out for a while today and I don’t want to lose my balance in the street or do any of that other nice stuff that tends to happen at times like this, I will force myself to chew on something.

P.S. Human relations *still* suck big hairy balls. With a cock-tail straw.


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