Posted by: rojukene | oktoober 30, 2005


Last night was fun and the code was ‘pancakes’.

This means that I was bored as a fuck and went to visit V2ike6udik. And we just happened to go to the shop, get some beers and flour and made pancakes 🙂 Lots of them. After four hours of messing around I was sick and tired of frying them and so we put the rest of the batter to the fridge and that was about half of the original amount, by the way… Crazy people, I say.

So we decided to eat. We put them into the microwave and they did get heated up again… only to cool down while we were desperately trying to open a jar of jam. Fuck the microwave, they are good even when they’re cold. And we ate. For 10 minutes. After that we were so goddamn full that the only properly working way of moving from point A to point B would be rolling on the ground.

And, of course, we had a photo shooting session.

This is a homicidal pancake. Look at the way it cackles…

Shutter settings rule. And shadows, too.

Sleeping Beauty?

You can invent a proper caption yourself.


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