Posted by: rojukene | oktoober 21, 2005


My social life is spreading its wings, mainly with V2ike6udik and Said. We fit together WAY too well. Whenever we sit somewhere and shoot our witty text at each other, every time at least one of us almost pees in their pants because of insane laughter. And yesterday too.

They told me that they both want me and will fight each other – the winner takes it all. OF COURSE they were just kidding, one of them already has a consort and a lover and the other was only joking, too. Probably. Anyhow, observing it all made me feel *very* amused xD

And we got this hilarious idea for animation! 8D

We were sitting at the bar stand, I was in the middle. They were mocking me again and I was half dead with laughter but I managed to press out a statement that they were nothing but a pair of dicks. And so the idea hit us. It goes something like this – I sit on a bar stool and on both of my sides there sits a huge, gleaming, straight penis on a bar stool. Suddenly one of them turns its head towards me (you CANNOT imagine HOW well V2ike6udik can impersonate an enormous penis turning its head) and says something. I answer it and as a result the other penis (Said, that is) suddenly begins to droop to the other side in a rather sad fashion. A bit later when V2ike6udik was giving Said a massage and they had their backs turned towards me, I developed Animation Part Two in my head – I sit at the same spot, only that the huge penises are not beside me any more but rubbing themselves against each other and both are squeaking and squealing in a happy manner. Of course I had to share this brilliant idea and that resulted in two men groaning with laughter, holding their stomachs with both hands and almost rolling on the floor.

Next time we should videotape our meetings or something. V2ike6udik did try to write the best lines down using the SMS feature but that is a slow way of preserving our precious sense of humour.


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