Posted by: rojukene | oktoober 17, 2005

My tattoo is done (general rejoicing)!

I am not entirely sure about that eye part.. right now it is not looking straight but a bit to the left and down. But then again – if everything is absolutely straight and mirrored it is not half as interesting. When it has healed and I DO want it to look straight, Sören will do it. And yes, I like the word ‘straight’ 😛

So he did the eye and went over all the other parts as well. I will upload a photo when it has healed because the ones I have at the moment are shiny with vaseline all over.

I don’t think I’ll mess with the apple pie right now, it’s kind of late and I should go shopping first to get all the necessary stuff and then I’d finish it some time deep in the night. Although I would sooooo like to have a piece right now ;_; *dr0000ls*


Räägi mulle midagi...

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