Posted by: rojukene | oktoober 17, 2005

Inspiration injured me

During the night I was awfully pissed @ Mario because he woke me up via MSN (6 nudges o.0) only to show me what he had done to my drawing. Just when I had fallen asleep. I mean, he could have mailed it to me or something. So he got his share of nasty words, I accepted the file and went to sleep.

Anyway, it actually looks quite nice. Click to enlarge.

That is what I drew and coloured in Photoshop.

And the result of his nocturnal inspiration.

Anyway. Today I’ll finally get my tattoo finished, yay. And as we have so many apples that must be eaten quickly, I’ll probably make an apple pie in the evening when I get back from the salon. Unless it is too late of course. But we shall see.


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