Posted by: rojukene | oktoober 1, 2005

Japanese art and stuff

So. Today Mann and I visited the Adamson-Eric museum where we marveled the art of Japanese painting. It was awesome. They also had this “how-to-paint-with-ink” video playing and we both sat mesmerized. Eri Miyano passed the window outside, peeked in and grinned. Mann waved to her, I simply smiled as I was uncertain whether she recognized me or not.

I also took pictures and almost got my nose bitten off by the administrator for I hadn’t purchased the photo ticket. She kept telling me that these were the rules and that it was forbidden to take photos without it. The photo ticket cost only 15 EEK and I thought I would simply pay for it later. So I took some more photos and then she was at me again like a crapstorm – ‘I thought I TOLD you that you must buy a ticket!’ Doesn’t she know that screeching is impolite while people are trying to enjoy a piece of art, hmm? Anyway, I gave her a polite freezing look and said that naturally I would buy it, only a bit later. This was obviously such a surprising solution to her and hit her so hard she almost swallowed her tongue and simply took off mumbling. When I was ready to leave, I paid those miserable 15 EEK and she apologized. For more than once. Well, why jump on people like that in the first place? I would have bought that ticket in the very beginning but it was free admission to everyone today, so I didn’t have the need to go to the cashier and I didn’t even know they charged for that. Geez.

Anyway. The photos are not crystal clear because I had to take them withouth the flash and my hands are rather shaky today. But if you are interested in them – is the place to go. The pictures are huge as usual.

And who should I fuck/beat up/murder to get the central heating switched on??? I have been shivering for a couple of weeks already because the apartment is draughty all day and my potential mother-in-law keeps the balcony door open in the evening after either of us has been smoking there. Yes, fresh air is nice but HELL, I’m freezing on the spot here! Gawd. And it is so cold and moist outside…. Well, at least I sleep in a nice sleeping bag. It is VERY warm, it even has a special sheet inside it to make it even better. I love sleeping in it, very cozy. Perhaps I should use it late at night while surfing the net, pulling the zip up as much as I can in order to be able to use my hands outside of it still and look like a huge monstrous cabbage worm… yes, that sounds like a nice vision concerning the future.


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