Posted by: rojukene | oktoober 1, 2005

Whee. Today was a busy day.

Accompanied Mann in her search for boots and shoes. And I was awfully late to meet her as usual for I am incapable of getting anywhere on time. She got the footwear though 🙂 And I bought such a supply of leather care products a normal person would use up in a year or so. But it is really good stuff and as I heard some of it isn’t produced any more. Besides – Metskaplan wears boots all the time, too.

AND my 2.0 mm labret arrived, wheeeee! When we had finished shopping we flew to the post office to claim it and reached it only two minutes before closing time. Anyway, someone had “corrected” the address on the pack – they had crossed out ESTONIA and replaced it with FINLAND. Way to go, what can I say. Anyway, the most important thing is that I have it now 8D I even managed to push it through my lip with the help of a lube. Well, not exactly lube but Helosan is greasy enough for that and good for the hole, too. And while I was at it I rearranged my earrings.


Click on the pictures to enlarge.


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