Posted by: rojukene | september 28, 2005


I’d like to have a knob to switch off dreams at times.

I was going to some place with Mann and we had lots of stuff with us. And it was something concerning Tartu and was yet outside of it and I had to go back to Tallinn soon. And I wanted to visit Liisa who for some reason lived in Hiiumaa but that wasn’t so far away, only about 30 km or so. I was in a long-term relationship with Tõnu Trubetsky (the singer of the legendary punk band Vennaskond that has played for over a 20 years and they are still hot as hell) who for some reason was Metskaplan at the same time. So, some time passed by and it was filled with action I can’t remember any more but I learned that Trubetsky had had some kind of love affair while he was abroad. Time came when I had to head back to Tallinn, only that he was nowhere to be found. I called him several times and when he finally picked up the phone, I asked him about that love affair and he said it wasn’t exactly over yet (though the chick was still abroad). And I said something like ‘I see.. OK, in that case I think it would be better if we just parted in a polite way.’ After some conversation we ended up single and I was free to go without him.

I can remember my last thought before waking up – ‘oh, jolly good, now I should find Villu Tamme and repeat the routine of dating’.

I mean, I understand where all the details come from. For example, the phone calls came from the fanfic I wrote and Vennaskond is one of my absolute favourites when it comes to Estonian bands and so on and so on but… all this together feels rather awkward.

At least it didn’t feel overly real, so when I woke up I got a snicker out of it.


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