Posted by: rojukene | september 15, 2005


Yesterday when I was coming home, I noticed a really old solitary man standing near a bus stop at Vabaduse Väljak. He was holding a sign which demanded that Estonia should step out of the European Union. He seemed so lonely there, having this wide circle of empty space around him. All the other people looked at him as if he were a madman. And that sight lead to some thoughts.

I was also against joining it in the first place. Not because the EU would be evil in general but because in my opinion Estonia was not ready for it yet. And they changed the constitution of EU shortly after we got in and then the infamous sugar fine came (which could have been avoided but it was unfair to fine us anyway for many reasons)… Anyhow. In this supposedly great Union almost everyone seems to be having Rights. Women, gays, Muslims, Jews, Chinese, Japanese, Africans, even gypsies and whoever else. Except for smokers. They basically have the right not to smoke. And as everyone else has Rights, the old original nations of Europe have Obligations. Some rights, too, but mostly obligations. I’m not saying that nobody should have any rights whatsoever, my point is that one must EARN them. Not having them by simply being of an alien race or preferring partners of your own gender. And you cannot make everybody equal. Ever. Men and women ARE different by nature, and so are nations and races. Racism is not something that only occurs amidst the white.

Obtaining World Peace is actually very simple, in theory at least. Everyone should stay in that part of the world where they belong and not take even one step out of there. But the very idea seems to be utopical in our integrating world nowadays…

The masses are stupid. In Estonia we will soon be strangers in our own country as people sell their lands and forests to foreigners because they offer a better price. What will come of us if this keeps happening? I dare not think about it, really.


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