Posted by: rojukene | september 14, 2005

I’m SO braindead 8F

I have been torturing my CD drive for the whole evening and I have managed to look through and catalogize 50 CD-s and 2 DVD-s to an Excel file. Go me. Others will have to wait until tomorrow or so because I am not capable of continuing at the moment.

An old pot lid holder began a whole new life today, it now serves as a CD rack 🙂 Just needed a little help with the metamorphosis, such as some wire and black spray.

Metskaplan’s vacation was short but nice nevertheless. Actually there is not much to write about, as we spent most of our time at home. We also visited Tartu for a couple of days and took some time off at the country house for a change. In the meantime we managed to go to pubs and meet his friends in Tallinn and mine in Tartu. And… er.. that was it?

Oh, and we spent a shitload of money €.€ For the laptop we bought gummed letters (as the original keyboard had been suffering greatly from my sharp nails), a webcam of our own and FINALLY speakers, too. Wee. And believe it or not, a miracle happened. I found REALLY COMFORTABLE suede half-boots with a proper heel and only for 700 EEK o_0 It was some big discount at the shop (395.- is the place to go in case anyone’s interested) as the original price was 1100 EEK. And lots andlots of other things, so… basically we blew in 5000 in 2 weeks. Oh well. At least most of that stuff is rather useful.

I think I’ll read some Pratchett before going to sleep now.


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