Posted by: rojukene | august 14, 2005


Today I got high on tea. Pu-Erh, to be exact.

Irje, Vari, Elise, Kadri and me visited this Teemaja in Aia street. And it was awesome. Our local guide in the world of tea was some Russian guy and he was quite good at it. The ceremony itself was something along the lines of a Chinese one but not quite. Anyway, I suspect that this wasn’t the first ceremony of his today, as he got high way faster than any of us did. Or perhaps our organisms aren’t so accustomed to the components of that tea.

We had loads of fun and we were all literally roaring with laughter at some point, including (or should I say – especially) the master of ceremony. I think that was after the fifth or sixth cup.

And there were trained gold fish! One of them traced my finger all the time when I moved it around on their tank.

I warmly recommend that place. And the Pu-Erh you get there is not the same tea you can buy at a shop, or so we were explained. The one in the shops does not have the true power of the earth.

Or then again, maybe that was simply a tale to keep us coming back to them xD

We had Pu-Erh that was 2 years old. The longer it is kept under ground, the heavier the price. They say that at the Emperor’s palace there is Pu-Erh that has been under ground for 300 years. I don’t think many could afford it. But as there were five of us, we paid 50 EEK each for that, so I guess one can say it was quite cheap.

When the effect wears out you feel deeply relaxed. And I like that feeling, I really do, as it is rather rare in my case. I think I will be sleeping like a baby tonight.

Anyway, if you are interested in what is Pu-Erh, check out


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