Posted by: rojukene | juuli 27, 2005

Yay, I went out tonight

With Mikk. I quite often had lots and lots of alcoholic beverages with him when I went to high school. Yeah, I know, I was 15, lived quite a wild life then. He lived in the same dorm across the hall with the guy I was – for the lack of a better word – dating at the time. Anyway, with that other guy I spent a nice evening, having a couple of beers and talking about ‘good old times’. And also Keemik, for they were kind of friends or something.

We hadn’t met with Mikk in ages as I hardly ever communicate with Keemik now (unless I should count the times when he is really drunk and calls me on my cellphone in the middle of the night, although he knows perfectly well that I am like 200 km away) and Mikk lives mostly in Tartu. Although his girlfriend is in Tallinn. Anyway, he is here right now. He is a nice, warm person. And I feel really great right now, thanks to this evening out with him.

Perhaps I will thank him tomorrow when he is online.

And here’s a fun fact – he works in the same office as my consort’s sister right now xD Estonia truly is too small.


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