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JRU (Jrock University) by yelloworange
You were accepted because you threatened the admissions department
Your major Visual Kei dancing!
Your roomie(s) some obscure indies band no one cares about
Most influencial professor Kiyoharu
Parties? Gackt Job parties! With cake and icecream! yay!
How did it go? You dropped out
Where are you now? You’re a famous rockstar!
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Jrock Soap Opera by IHeartKakashiSensei
Humor me! Name a Jrocker! Any Jrocker!
The name of your soap opera is Star-Crossed
Your soap opera personality is tough. The one who relies only on herself!
Your best and most loyal friend is Yura (Psycho le Cemu)
Your main love interest throughout the series is Mana (Malice Mizer/Moi dix Mois)
Jealousy! This guy wants you, no matter what! Teru (GLAY)
Shocker! You have a long lost brother! He is Tetsu (L’Arc-en-Ciel)
It happened! You are pregnant! The father is Kozi (Malice Mizer)
Random Soap Opera Happening #1 You are an angel. No, really. An actual angel.
Random Soap Opera Happening #2 You are an angel. No, really. An actual angel.
Does it end well? It couldn’t be a better ending!
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Your Lovely Jrock Day With Moi Dix Mois by VampireSeraph
Your name?
What is your visual-kei style? Normal street clothesElegant Gothic-Aristocrat (EGA)Elegant Gothic-Lolita (EGL)Random Crazy TouristA mix of thingsFauku-chan and proud of it!CosplayerFangirlFanboyEr… style?
How did you meet them? You won some weird contest
Did they like you? I got a good fuck out of them, but it wasn’t too bad. 😉
Where did you go out to? Hell… or wherever it is Mana lives…
To do what? Er… well, they were gonna sacrifice me to their demon God who looked strangely like Gackt, and then have a weird seance or something, but I don’t remember if they actually did it or not…
What did you sing at some random karaoke bar? Shadows Temple-X: Slightly insane, gothically perverted, and SO much fun! *evil grin*
Would they ever want to see you again? I believe Juka’s departing words were… “OH GOD, KEEP IT AWAY!”, while poking at me with a duster.
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how jrock Changed you by Gabyou
Favorite Color
What happened You tried to become a jrocker yourself
Who caused it Mana
Where? In front of your grandmother’s front door
Did anyone go to jail? Yes
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