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Meme time

As in years past, going way back, in fact, to the dim and distant June of 2003, presents Killer III: The Return of the Collaborative Meme. The way it works is that the great and the good all submitted the single question they would most like to see in a meme, and collated the whole thing for people to copy and complete. Because he’s nice like that.

You can gack the preformatted meme from here: just copy, paste into your update window and fill in the answers before posting. All the formatting code is already worked out for you (including the essential lj-cut).

Killer III: The Return of the Collaborative Meme

Me, Me, Meme

a) What’s your irrational fear or phobia?
I have quite a lot of them. For example I fear crowded places, heights, dentists… many things.
b) Is there a fear you’ve overcome?
Well, I can do things when it is *really* necessary. Such as going to the dentist or climbing somewhere high.
c) In a soundbite, what helped you the most?
d) Which fear or phobia do you have no sympathy for whatsoever in other people?
I can stand pretty much evertything except the fear of living your life. Live if you dare or commit suicide if you don’t but stop whining.

What are you most afraid of (not in a phobia sense, but more in the sense of what keeps you awake at night)?
That I will lose those very few people who are really important to me still, simply by being such a moron.

If you lived in a society where polygamy was the norm/standard, but monogamy was not shunned or frowned upon (just unusual), do you think you could/would still be a generally monogamous person, or would you lean towards society with the polygamy relationships? Why? This is, assuming, that the polygamy accepted by society was in no way suppressive of men or women, but providing equality to all genders, included transgendered and mixed genders (hermaphrodites).
I am a monogamous person when I am truly committed, so yes, I don’t think my views would change much. But on the other side – when I am not in a serious relationship, I can be quite a slut.

Is there something that you had the opportunity to do/see/witness/live as a young child and that you now wish you could have lived and seen through your current “adult”/”older person”‘s eyes (it could have been a trip somewhere, or a particular historical event, a concert, a person you met… I don’t know)?
Again, many things. Mostly negative and traumatizing. Perhaps I would be a bit more ‘normal’ person right now if I hadn’t witnessed them (my father trying to commit suicide repeatedly etc.)

What is the oldest object you own?
I honestly don’t know. We have a document from the 17th century which means that my grandfather’s house (or at least the land below it) has belonged to our family since then. Unfortunately it’ll be sold before autumn, and I never had the chance to take Metskaplan there. I really wanted to.

If you could change your real name to anything, what would you change it to, and why?
As long as it is pronounced Kristina, not Kristiiiina, I don’t mind it. I have been told ‘Rahe’ would suit me well.

What do you love most about yourself?
Me, myself & I… The eyes.

What has been the most intensely emotional experience (in a good way) of your life so far?
In a good way? Have I had such experiences that have made me feel intensely happy for a longer period of time?

Would you be upset/annoyed if your RL friends and family found out about your LiveJournal?
As to friends – no. Family – I don’t care.

Music is My First Love (but Reading Runs it a Close Second)

What song would you like played at your funeral?
At the ceremony? I don’t know. I’d prefer no special ceremony at all, definitely not a christian one. I’d like to have a fun funeral where people don’t weep and sob but remember me like I was. And I would like them to have a great party, so the music choice would be theirs. I’d be dead anyway, so there’s no way I’d care.

What one song would you use to sum up the last five years of your life?
‘I’m Going Slightly Mad’ by Queen.

What phrase/quote means the most to you?
Heh… ‘I used to be a schizophrenic but we’re OK now…’ I really don’t know.

What fictional universe would you most like to write yourself into, and what would your role in that universe be?
I have so much trouble handling this one that I don’t even dare to think about it. Too tempting, you know. But very probably something like Tolkien’s or Pratchett’s. I think the Disc World would suit me perhaps even better.

If one of your close LJ friends (preferably someone who lives in a different country, or at least state) were to come over to your place for the first time, how would you spend the day and where would you take them?
Depends on the friend. Perhaps we’d stay at home first, then we’d go and check out my favourite bars and pubs. Or if they’d be staying for a longer period, I’d take them around Estonia, spending the nights in a tent and so on and so forth. The Real Thing, you know.

Oscar Wilde said, “All women become like their mothers. That’s their tragedy. No man does. That’s his.” Do you think that’s true in your case? How much like your parents are you?
I only have my parent’s bad characteristics. And I totally hate it.

Because Life Isn’t Too Short

What fictional OTP (One True Pairing) would you fight to the death to convert other people to?
I don’t fight people over such trivial reasons. Besides I don’t have such an absolute favourite pairing.

Flys: what’s the point?
The hell would I know.

If you could rewrite any single scene in any book or movie, which one would it be? Also, please (very briefly!) describe your version.
Any single scene? Pointless. Perhaps the whole scenario but that would mean a whole another outcome.

What planet (if it were inhabitable) would you most like to vacation to?
I feel absolutely fine here on Earth.

What one event (sporting, concert, rally etc) would you want to attend if money were no object?
A jrock concert, perhaps. Although I don’t usually go to such events, as I don’t like the crowds.

If you were given the opportunity to meet your older self, what 3 questions would you ask yourself?
Why? Why? Why are you still such an idiot?

What would you rather have named after you: a ship, a city, a planet, a star or (nod to Firefly) a hamster?
A hamster. Because it would mean that I am so important to someone that they’d name another living being after me. And that would be a good thing. I think.

This and That and Other Stuff Too

Do you believe in horoscopes?
I sometimes read them with great amusement, especially when they hit the spot but in a most peculiar way.

a) What magazines do you subscribe to or otherwise read on a regular basis?
Eesti Ekspress
b) What about five years ago?
Don’t remember if Meie Meel was still there 5 years ago or if it had died already. It was a newspaper anyway, not a magazine.
c) What about during your childhood/teen years (if you are young enough that b) represents your childhood/teen years, skip c)?
Skipped B. 5 years ago I was 15.

Cell phones: annoying accessories or required for daily life? And what is cell phone ettiquette these days when someone calls and you’re in a restaurant?
Cell phone is a necessity for me, as I am always late. And I seldom go to a fancy restaurant, so I don’t have to worry about the ettiquette xP

What qualities do you most appreciate in other people?
Honesty, intelligence, a sense of humour and patience.

We all have to die some day. How would you like to go?

What one bad habit would you never like to encounter EVER AGAIN?
I happen to like my own bad habits, such as smoking, making fun of people etc. Concerning other people – I despise stealing.

What’s the most unfortunate place you’ve ever vomited?
My digestion system has not been working properly since childhood, so it has happened a few times when I have vomited into my bed. That’s not nice. But as I got quite used to throwing up (happened about every other night), I developed the skill of waking up early enough to have time to reach the toilet.

What traits would you like your kids to pick up/inherit from you? (Your actual kids if you have some, potential kids if you haven’t). And name one trait you definitely hope they *don’t* inherit!
I simply hope my kids will have the sense of criticism. And normal health, both mental and physical.

What is the one single factor that you feel is the best basis for keeping, alive and strong, a long-term romantic relationship?
Mutual trust.


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