Posted by: rojukene | mai 28, 2005


1. what is your very first memory?
Hard to say. Might have been the time when I was eating some candy on a
hot summer day and I was holding it in my hand and suddenly I felt
ticklish. And I squeezed my hand into a fist. That was not very clever
of me because I didn’t look into my palm first – a hungry wasp had
probably smelled that candy too and I was stung twice. But I think it
was later than the moment when I went to my mother on some winter
evening while she was working on something, looked at her and said
sadly “Mommy, I don’t want to become three years old!”

Don’t ask me why I said that. I have no clue whatsoever. Not any more, at least.

2. if you had the chance to relocate to anywhere in the world right now, where?
For a while or for a lifetime? For a while I would like to see Japan,
Ireland, Scotland, Siberia… Many places. But for a lifetime? Estonia.
Definitely. No other place.

3. what’s your favourite language? do you speak it?
Besides Estonian I love English (yes, I do speak both fluently xD) and
Japanese. Which I don’t speak unfortunately. I don’t think that a
limited number of sentences can be called speaking.

4. what is the last CD you bought?
Good question, next please. I really don’t remember. Do empty CD-s count???
No, still. I bought Santana’s CD, of a live concert. But that was ages
ago, to tell the truth. But I was presented an album by Jäääär for my
birthday! 😀

5. do you answer private calls (number not showing) on your mobile? XD
Yep. I do. The last private calls I had were from the police and from Elion’s service desk, so both were useful to answer xD
By the way, I don’t understand people who make unanswered calls from a
private number and hope that the people who got the missed calls will
get in touch with them. You know, I have witnessed such cases…


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