Posted by: rojukene | mai 11, 2005

Mana oskab üllatada


Reyep: We know that you are a Mylène Farmer’s fan (NB: a French singer). Would you like to work with her?

– At that time, Mana smiled!!!! –

Mana: Yes, I really would like to meet her and work with her.

PinkSugizo: What about your debut and your influences?

Mana: I started out in High school and at that time I was influenced by Mötley Crue

*rolling on floor lauging my ass off*

Väike mõttevahetus MSN-is:

Kyo {rigor mortis} says: ei ole olemas
Shinya says: noh, miks mitte Motorhead näiteks eksole
Kyo {rigor mortis} says: jah
Kyo {rigor mortis} says: või cradle of filth
Shinya says: mhm
Kyo {rigor mortis} says: *viuksub*


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